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We have scuba diving equipment for all of your diving needs

scubapro regulator
Scubapro equipment repairs
  • Servicing your equipment is an important part of your regular safety protocol

    • At Professional Scuba we service most makes and models of diving equipment. 

    • As a premier Scubapro dealer we can support all your repair needs with regulators and BCD's. 

    • Service cost:

      • Regulator and safe second $149. 

      • Regulator only $95.00

      • If your going on a dive trip you should pay special attention to the gear you take with you. 

    • Regulators and safe seconds should be serviced annually, or by the manufactures recommendations

    • Tank/Cylinders:

      • Annual Visual inspection, Service cost $25.00, includes an air fill if it passes inspection.

      • Hydro/Visual every 5 years, Service cost $55.00, includes an air fill if it passes inspection.

    • Other repairs also offered, Masks, Fins, all of your needs.​

    • Need your mask upgraded to add your eye prescription? We can do that also. 

    • Air fills for Scuba Tanks and Air/Paint ball Guns 

    • We also now have CO2 for Paintball tanks. 

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